This is going to be part of Microsoft Edge 14

As we all know, Microsoft Edge is the browser Microsoft introduced as part of Windows 10 to replace Internet Explorer. And earlier today, Microsoft published another “Made by you” post in the Insider Hub. That post is mostly about how the Edge team has used feedback in the past to (re)prioritize features for coming Edge releases (that being Edge 12 and 13), but it also revealed a couple of other bits about features they are working on now. So, let’s list them:

  • Revamped download experience (including allowing you to choose where to save)
  • Improved favorites management
  • Extensions
  • Swipe gestures for both PCs and Mobile
  • Paste and go in the address bar
  • Easier tab closing for Windows 10 Mobile
  • And plenty more

These where the features mentioned in that particular blog post. We’re also aware that Edge 14 will bring around a context menu for the navigation buttons and obviously a new version of EdgeHTML which will once more include major improvements to Edge’s HTML5, CSS3 and ECMAScript 2015/2016 support. For people that don’t know it, Edge is leading in support for ECMAScript 2015 at this moment and I don’t see Microsoft give up on that title. They already have plenty of features behind a flag or that are being worked on, and most of these will get enabled/implemented by the time Edge 14 is released too, alongside a list of others.

Anyway, many of the features mentioned above are basically bringing back features Internet Explorer has had for a while (though swiping was missing on IE for desktop) and yes, even extensions where there. Now, an important note is that these features where announced to be worked on, while it is pretty obvious that most of them will make it into Microsoft Edge 14 (which is slated to be released in June), it might happen that these features don’t make it through in time and are delayed to Edge 15.

And for those that are planning to comment on it: yes, I’m aware that 12, 13, 14 and 15 isn’t the version number of Edge, but rather that of EdgeHTML. It simply is the easier way to indicate a certain version as the app itself has more of an revision number rather than a release number so it is quiet unpredictable which version will end up being the next (Windows 10 version 1507 (retroactive naming on my part too) had Microsoft Edge 20, version 1511 had Microsoft Edge 25 and the current Insider Preview is running Microsoft Edge 28).


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